General Dentistry/Internal Medicine

General Medicine

At Executive Health Services, we are renowned among residents throughout the greater Philadelphia area for the quality and range of general medical services and treatments we provide. Our patients seek us for everything from flu shots to any medical problem. Here are a few of the other medical services we frequently provide:

Preventative medical services

General medicine

Disease concerns


We invite you to make us your primary dental care provider. For adults throughout Greater Philadelphia, we’re best known for your internal medicine and global health services, but did you know we also offer some of the area’s best general dentistry services?

We’re glad to offer our patients any of the following dentistry services:

Cosmetic dentistry



Disease prevention and treatments

Root Canals


We evaluate and treat all General Medical and Dental conditions in a Private Doctor-run practice.
All x-rays, blood testing, EKG’s, etc are performed at our office location.

University Hospital affiliations and academic credentials.
Telemedicine Consultations.

Our Corporate Practice offers:

  • Executive Physicals
  • Executive House Calls
  • Pre-employment Medical Evaluations
  • Drug Testing
  • Audiometry/X_RAYS/Laboratory Testing/EKG/Spirometry
  • Flu Vaccination Campaigns
  • Telemedicine/Skype /Telephone Consultations.

Our physicians are Internal Medicine Board certified and general dentistry. Weekend and Weekday Appointments are available.